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Admissions Process

Admissions to Braeburn Manor is meant to be an easy process that can be completed in four steps:

1. A resident or authorized representative contacts admissions staff to begin the admissions process. Residents of Braeburn Manor should be 55 years of age or older, unless special arrangements have been made.

2. Cognitive and physical assessments will be conducted with prospective residents to identify remaining abilities and help devise a plan for care. We recommend that assessments be performed in the prospective resident’s current environment.

3. Based on the assessment results, the residence director, nurse and occupational therapist will determine what accommodations can be provided to meet the prospective resident’s needs and the approximate cost.

4. Family arranges time with the residence director prior to the day the resident moves to Braeburn Manor. We believe it works best for both resident and family if admission paperwork is completed and furniture is in place before the move-in date.

We believe we have the resources to accommodate a wide range of medical and behavioral cognitive needs and will make every effort to ensure that all options are examined so your loved one may remain at Braeburn Manor. Please keep in mind that Braeburn Manor is not a medically-based care model like a skilled nursing facility, but a licensed assisted living provider. As the care needs of an individual change, the residence director may determine that extra staff or services need to be provided at an additional cost to ensure safety and quality of care for all residents. Should this be the case, you will be notified and a care conference will be scheduled to discuss further options.



We are committed to preserving the privacy and confidentiality of your health information whether created by us or maintained on our premises. We are required by certain state and federal regulations to implement policies and procedures to safeguard the privacy of your health information. Copies of our privacy policies and procedures are maintained in the facility or entity. We are required by state and federal regulations to abide by the privacy practices described in this notice including any future revisions that we may make to the notice as may become necessary or as authorized by law

What is Protected Health Information?

Protected Health Information is individually identifiable information about your past, present, or future health or condition, the provisions of health care to you, or payment for the health care treatment or services you receive including demographic information such as your name, address, and birth date. As such, we are required to provide you with this Privacy Notice that contains information regarding our privacy practices that explains how, when and why we may use or disclose your protected health information and your rights and our obligations regarding any such uses or disclosures.

Except in regards to treatment or certain other specified circumstances, we must use or disclose only the minimum necessary protected health information to accomplish the intended purpose of the use or disclosure of such information.

We reserve the right to change this notice at any time and to make the revised or changed notice effective for health information we already have about you as well as any information we receive in the future about you. Should we revise/change this Privacy Notice, we will post a copy of the new/revised Privacy Notice. You also may request and obtain a copy of any new/revised Privacy Notice from the HIPAA Contact Person (identified on the last page of this Notice) or download a copy from our website.

We will notify you in writing of a breach of your unsecured protected health information should one occur. For purposes of this Notice of Privacy Practices required under, and for all allowable purposes of compliance with, the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information as found in 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164 (“Privacy Rule”), the following separate, affiliated covered entities have designated themselves as a single covered entity:



We know many seniors and their families have questions about assisted living and Braeburn Manor. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Don’t see your question here? Reach out to us by phone or e-mail for more information. Click here schedule a tour.


The cost to live at Braeburn Manor is based on each resident’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and room rental fees, which vary by individuals.

Our base rate in assisted living and memory care includes three meals a day, housekeeping, a load of personal laundry and fresh linens and towels each week, an emergency safety alert system, wellness checks every 30 days performed by a nurse, transportation to community programs, and all of our in-house activities.

Many state and federal programs offer financial assistance for certain senior living expenses. For instance, in the U.S. there is a Federal benefit, called “Aid and Attendance,” which both veterans and their spouses may be eligible to receive to assist with assisted living fees. Some Long-Term Insurance Policies may also cover part or all of the costs for assisted living care. We encourage you to speak with your financial advisor to learn more about options to help afford senior living.

Touring and Visits

The first step is to arrange a visit to the Braeburn Manor facility. During your visit, we’ll talk to you about your personal circumstances and how we can meet your individual needs. To set up a tour, simply call us at Braeburn Manor 713-776-0800 or click here to schedule a tour.

Care Plans and Safety

 Braeburn Manor offers assisted living, short-term-stays, skilled nursing care for those with memory loss as well as coordination of hospice and other care services. Not sure what type of care you need? Contact us at 713-776-0800 or click here

Assisted living is best for seniors who need some help with certain everyday tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, meal time and taking medications and may also have specific care plans to address fall risk, poor nutrition or other individualized needs. Because assisted living needs are diverse and vary from resident to resident, each person has his or her own Individualized Service Plan (ISP), which details their care needs and preferences.

Braeburn Manor offer a Reminiscence Neighborhood, which provides a specialized, safe and secure care environment for those living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other cognitive conditions. Read more about our memory care programs and Alzheimer’s disease.

Braeburn Manor offer skilled nursing care for seniors who need full time medical care as they recover from surgery, injury or hospitalization. We also offer respite or short-term stays, which help those with temporary care needs.

We develop an Individualized Care Plan (ISP) for each resident that details care needs and preferences and addresses safety concerns. If falling is a concern, the ISP may include interventions and special precautions to help address this issue that will be followed by our Designated Care Managers.

Yes, Braeburn Manor has a medication management program, which may be added to an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and varies based on regulation. Residents participating in medication program may choose their own pharmacy or use Braeburn Manor preferred pharmacy provider. If a resident prefers to use an alternate pharmacy, the resident and pharmacy must comply with certain requirements. At Braeburn Manor, residents may also be assessed to self-administer medications

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation care are offered at Braeburn Manor, and when a resident requires more care than can be provided by our team, we work with the family, physician and partner providers to find an alternate solution.

Upon move-in, our nurses and care team will assess your current health and review your medical history to see how we can best meet your needs. They will also discuss your preferences as well as your normal routines to develop a care plan that’s tailor made for you. This Individualized Service Plan (ISP) details your care plan and is regularly updated to meet your evolving needs.

We believe in a family’s right to choose everything – from a primary care physician to a physical therapist. Residents may keep their current physicians or our team can help them find physicians near the community. Some doctors make regular visits to Braeburn Manor, but a resident is not obligated to use them. We can also provide scheduled transportation for our residents who need a ride to a doctor’s appointment, for an additional fee.

We provide continued education and training, clinical care protocols and multiple quality assurance measures to reinforce our strong standards. Braeburn Manor’s extensive training programs include classroom, online and hands-on training, and employee shadowing and mentoring.

We have nurses either in the community or on-call 24-hours a day.

Some of our residents in assisted living simply require general oversight and reminders while others need various levels of care and assistance. We can assist our residents with all of their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as showering, dressing, grooming and even dining. Each resident has an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that details his or her care plan and is regularly updated to meet evolving needs.

Activities and Programming

Our programming and activities vary by community and are specially designed to engage a senior’s mind, body and spirit.

Our mind activities include brain teaser games, language study and discussion groups – just to name a few! We also offer daily programming that helps our seniors stay physically active with chair yoga, tai chi, walking clubs and much more. For residents that like to get in touch with their inner spirit, we provide musical programs, poetry classes and a variety of religious offerings.

Additionally, we regularly plan fun and engaging activities outside of the community, such as a trip to a local park for a barbeque lunch, a scenic bus ride tour or a stop into an art gallery exhibit. There’s always something to look forward to!

Our Life Enrichment Managers, who are dedicated to providing residents with a sense of purpose, along with our Designated Care Managers, coordinate activities for each resident based on their personal history, interests and needs. They focus on making every resident’s experiences meaningful and full of purpose. We also have special programs, such as our Terrace Club program, that provide specific activities for those in the early stages of memory loss

Yes! In fact, activity calendars are different each month because each one is tailored to specific residents’ requests and interests. Our communities also hold monthly resident council meetings, so we can be certain our activities meet their needs and interests.

Moving-in Process and Short-Term Stays

We work with each family to support their needs as best we can, including accommodating urgent move-ins when possible. Residents receive a full care assessment prior to moving in, which helps our care team develop his or her Individualized Service Plan (ISP). In some cases, a move-in can occur in as little as a few hours.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own furniture with you as this is your home! We encourage you to design your suite to be as comfortable and familiar as possible.

Yes, there are furnishings available should you choose not to bring your own furniture. Contact us at Braeburn Manor for more details.

No. Braeburn Manor does not require long-term lease commitments. However, our community requires a deposit/move-in fee upon signing the residency agreement. We also require 30 days written notice prior to moving out of the communit

Yes, we do offer short-term stays at many of our communities. A short-term or respite stay is a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances occur such as a family vacation or recovery from an illness. Guests can receive assistance during an illness or rehabilitation after a hospital visit, and some of our communities offer skilled nursing for those needing more care. It can also serve as a great opportunity to try-out life at Braeburn Manor.

 Yes! At Braeburn Manor, couples can live together in their own suite surrounded by their familiar belongings. Alternatively, suites can be shared by friends or companions who simply enjoy each other’s company with the added benefit that it’s our most affordable option.

Amenities and Environment

While age varies by each community, in general, our residents are over sixty years old.

In assisted living, we serve three meals a day and our dining services coordinators serve our residents restaurant-style. Emphasizing choice is important in our Signature Dining Program. In addition to the unique entrees featured at each meal, we also offer an “always available” menu for our residents. Our residents can grab a snack or beverage anytime.

Yes, transportation to and from activities and outings are a staple. While the calendar of events varies at Braeburn Manor, Braeburn Manor include a day in each week where we take our residents shopping or sightseeing in the area. We also schedule outings to local grocery stores, pharmacies or Wal-Mart/Target so that residents can check errands off their list. Braeburn Manor may also be able to provide local transportation including for doctors’ visits for an additional fee.

As this is our residents’ home, we welcome visitors and work with our family and friends to visit their loved ones at a time that works best for them.

 Yes, you are welcome to bring your own pet with you! If you are comfortable caring for your pet and they are an appropriate pet for the community setting we would love for them to join our Braeburn Manor family.

The Braeburn Manor Difference & Braeburn Manor Signature Experience

Keeping up a house, driving and living independently means a lot to most seniors, and suggesting senior living can make them feel like you are trying to take away personal independence. To prove otherwise, it’s important to show them how much independence and freedom they will enjoy at Braeburn Manor. The Braeburn Manor Signature Experience includes relationship-based care, which means the same people are caring for our resident’s day in and day out. Designated Care Managers get to know each individual’s unique needs and preferences and cater to him or her accordingly. Our team of serving hearts is committed to enriching seniors’ lives each and every day

A supportive lifestyle

First established in 2016, we are one of America’s leading memory care facilities. We are focused on providing residents with exceptional care and giving residents the dignity and independence they need to remain happy and purposeful.